How to Organize Your Home for Maximum Productivity

Knowing how to organize your home is crucial when it comes to avoiding an overload of stuff. Click here to learn how to organize and increase productivity!

How to Organize Your Home for Maximum Productivity

An organized home is a healthy home. When you're able to clear out all the junk and those unneeded items, you create more space in your home. There's then more fresh air to breathe in, and you ultimately improve your mental health.

When your life's busy due to work, school, social life, and home life, it's not difficult to lose control of the home organization. Things get dirty, cluttered, and forgotten about sometimes. This is normal.

What's important is you know how to organize your home when it's needed. With so much organizing to do, where do you start? Take a deep breath and try to remain relaxed.

Home cleaning and organizing are simple with the help of this guide below. Continue reading for several tips on how to declutter your home with ease.

Start With a List

Does the thought of organizing your home make you feel overwhelmed and stressed out? If you're already feeling this way before starting the project, then start by making a list. Writing out lists can actually reduce anxiety and stress.

Having an organization plan will help you organize the entire home without having to worry about missing anything. Think about the rooms in your home that need organizing the most. Place these at the top of your list.

Are there any smaller tasks you want to complete while decluttering your home? Make sure to write these down as well. Once you have your list written out, you can then begin to tackle each section.

Take It Room by Room

Because your home has several different rooms and areas inside of it, it's best to take it room by room. Start with the room that needs the most decluttering or the room that's most important for you to have organized. You can't declutter the entire house at once and trying to do so will only leave you feeling burnt out.

Take it slow. If your master bedroom is at the top of your list, then begin there. Once you choose what room to start in, divide the room into sections as well.

For example, start by cleaning the master bathroom and working your way out into the room. Then, begin to organize everything in your path as you move from the bathroom to the bedroom door t exit.

Clean as You Go

Another great tip is to clean as you go. Organizing is a must but so is cleaning. If you want a healthy, decluttered space, then you also need to clean.

There's no better time than now to do so. Dust everything off, wipe surfaces down, disinfect, and vacuum. Doing so will help make the room feel fresh and clean once you're done organizing.

Make It Enjoyable

Cleaning and decluttering most likely isn't at the top of your "Fun Activities to Do" list. It's one of those things you have to do and not want to do, but the simple fact is that it has to be done.

Why not make it enjoyable?

There are several ways you can make cleaning and organizing the house fun! Don't be shy to play some music while cleaning or get the entire family involved and turn it into a game.

Who can declutter and clean their entire room before the buzzer goes off? At the end of the day, if everyone completed their organization tasks, then be sure to offer rewards as well. This makes it fun, exciting, and enjoyable.

Start With the Most Cluttered Section

If you and your family need some advice about where to start in an extremely cluttered room, then you can start with the most cluttered section. The areas in the room with the most junk are normally the closets. Closets are built for the purpose of storing items.

Because of this, they can quickly become filled with useless or unwanted items. Start by removing everything from inside the closet. Then, you can begin placing the items back inside of it but in a more organized fashion.

You should also only place items back inside the closet if you still want or need them. Other items can be removed, donated, or recycled.

Create Your Three Piles

When organizing each room in the home, create your three piles. One pile should contain items you want to keep. The second pile should be for items you want to have removed or recycled.

The last pile should be items you want to sell and donate.

Contact a local junk removal service and have them haul away all your no longer needed junk items. You won't have to worry about hauling any of the items yourself. You can then sell the other items and donate what didn't sell.

Increase Storage Options

Once you've completed each room, you may realize you need more storage options in your home. Now would be the best time to invest in more storage options to prevent your home from becoming cluttered again. There are storage solutions for each room from the kitchen to the bathrooms and even the garage.

Another great tip is to purchase furniture items that double as storage, such as a coffee table with a lid that opens for hidden storage.

Stick to an Organizing Schedule

Even with all the best storage options, you may still find your home becomes disorganized over time. To ensure your home stays fairly clean and organized, you should create an organization schedule and stick to it. Depending on how often your home needs cleaning (pets, children, and other factors) you may want to organize once a week, month, or every three to six months.

Learning How to Organize Your Home Starts Here

Once you learn how to organize your home, you don't have to stress about clutter. You know exactly how to tackle it without the hassle. Remember the advice listed above to ensure you know how to do just that.

Now that your home's decluttered, do you want to ensure the quality of the air inside your home? See how air duct cleaning can help keep your home clean and healthy.